Monday, 7 May 2012

RPG Development - The Start

I've been slacking a lot but I've finally gotten to a point where I'm happy to show what I've got for my RPG game for the 64digits RPG game contest.
Everything in the screenshot below has been done in a slight rush so now I'll be going back over what I've done and clean up a little.
Then comes adding in reuseability then I'll start work on getting some story and gameplay into the game.

Meet Tirus, my main character for this project. The game is set in a futuristic world where the world is overpopulated and war has broken out (probably where we're heading?).
Space travel has been around for around 10 years and people have started moving on to populating other moons and planets, albeit very slowly. Plus only the people who can afford it managed to move on away from the current mayhem on the "currently unnamed planet".

The planet is suffering from its highest crime rate in history and the governments can no longer keep their people under control. There's just too many of them cramped into a small space.
Riots were growing in frequency until the governments of their respective countries decided to invade other countries in a bid for more space. Hence our world of war is born.

The world is now a tough place to live in and young and old need to know how to fend for themselves as they need to defend what little they have from thugs or from the marching tides of war.

Tirus is only 15 years old but he's one in a million. His intellect is superior for a boy of his age, as if an elder of the old had been born anew.
In order to survive in this day and age, Tirus and his friend - Knives, as he calls himself - take on dangerous jobs from unknown clients.
Tirus is no stranger to danger either, and neither is Knives. They will aim to kill if necessary and it's a skill that is required if you wish come out on top in these dangerous times.

During one of their jobs, they encounter a freelance armed force that pretty much hates every official in the world. In any case, they're taking matters in their own hands and now Tirus and Knives are in their way.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

3 Month RPG Game Development Contest

The guys over at 64digits are hosting a 3 month RPG game development contest which started from today. I'll be entering this one and hopefully it'll motivate me to actually release a full fledged RPG game before long. I'm still brainstorming my story and everything else, but hopefully it won't be long till I have things to show!

Things will be busy this week due to my mum's funeral being prepared and things to sort out. I also have exams starting at the end of this month going into June. This competition will get my full attention after my exams though.

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