Friday, 16 March 2012

New Project

This is a project that I started recently. Not sure where I'm going with it but I want to keep the graphics simple as possible, like what is shown in the screenshot below.
I just wanted to program something without having to spend hours on graphics and this is the result:
The Battle Room - Still under major WIP
The actual battle engine has still got a long way to go before it's complete. I could have used the battle engine that I've already developed for Monster, however the Monster engine is far more sophisticated and what I really want is a stream-lined version. So why not make a new one from scratch? I get a kick out of it anyway!

I got inspiration for the graphics from Legends of Yore, if you haven't played it yet then I suggest you try it out. The game is available on multiple platforms: PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

Anyway, back to my project!
I'm still working on the battle options interface and it's most likely going to change in someway (probably smaller?). And I also want to include some more animation to the menus to make things feel more responsive and appealing.
One of my ideas is to allow for the use of a game-pad, especially the 360 controller as I have one myself. It's not going to be implemented for a good while though yet.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Passing Time

I finally decided to put together a blog for myself, not sure if it'll serve much use.
Well, I'll write a little about myself I guess, then later I'll start putting this blog to good use.

I'm a hobbyist game developer and I've been working with Game Maker for around 4-5 years now. Recently I've dived into Java and Android development and I'm aiming to release a game on the Android market sometime this year.

I'll get around to announcing some of my current projects later, or maybe even a few tutorials if I feel like it.